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Saint Joseph's Primary School, Ballycruttle

Texthelp Read&Write literacy support software

22nd Feb 2022

Education Authority Email for Parents

Dear Parent/Carer,
We are pleased to announce the continued availability of the
Texthelp Read&Write literacy support software for use at home
as well as in school
This software can help pupils develop their literacy skills and
support curricular access and it is most suitable for pupils from
KS 2 through to the end of post primary school However, t he
software can also be used in third level education or technical
colleges and even into full time employment
Available for home use on any device your pupil uses, the
software is available for free download on standalone devices
in your school This means that the software your pupil uses in
school can now also be used at home for homework and study
Read&Write enables pupils and students to read, write and
express themselves more confidently and independently It
promotes inclusion and fosters progressive independence For
use anywhere, anytime and on any device, this discreet toolbar
can help everyone engage with digital content in a way that
suits their ability and learning style


Have a look at the document attached