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Saint Joseph's Primary School, Ballycruttle

Information for P.7 families transferring to Post Primary schools

20th Jan 2022

Please see the following information from the Education Authority:

Dear Principal
Resources to assist parents of P7 pupils transferring to post-primary school in September 2022
As we approach the time for parents of P7 children to apply for a post-primary school place I would like to provide an update on the admissions process.

Portal Opening
The online EA Post-Primary Application portal will open at 12 noon on 1 February 2022 and close at 4pm on 23 February 2022 for Year 8 post-primary applications, as set out in the DE Timetables Circular 2021/23.
When the application window opens parents will be able to click on the ‘Apply Now’ button to access the portal on the EA website I would be grateful if you can communicate these details to parents of your P7 pupils and remind them that applications are not considered on a first come, first served basis.

Parents who are awaiting results of entrance tests for their child, from test providers on Saturday 5th February 2022, may complete the registration process and partially complete an application, if desired, coming back to complete the remaining details after results are received. Alternatively they may wish to wait until results are received before starting their application. Again I would ask you to highlight that the application window is open until 4pm on 23rd February and applications will not be considered by post-primary schools until after the closing date.
Digital Assistance
As was set out in Primary Admissions Update 2 issued last week, digital applications are once again strongly encouraged this year but due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is not possible to proceed with face-to-face Digital Assistance Clinics. Parents who require digital assistance are being supported by EA staff with the help of interpreters where necessary. Any assistance which can be provided by primary schools would be much appreciated.

The Admissions Helpdesk will operate from 8am to 6pm Monday to Thursday and from 8am to 5pm on Friday until the application window closes on 23 February via telephone: 028 9598 5595 and Email:

Admissions Criteria
Admissions Criteria for all post-primary schools is now accessible on the website at and I would encourage parents to take time to read the criteria for all schools they are considering listing as a preference in preparation for completing their application. If a parent has a query about the published admissions criteria for any school they can contact the post-primary school.
A number of resources are being prepared to guide parents of P7 children who will be transferring to post-primary school in September 2022.

Key information leaflet to parents
I enclose for your attention a copy of an information leaflet, ‘Applying for a Post-Primary School Place’. I would be grateful for your assistance in distributing this leaflet electronically to the parents of your P7 pupils, with the exception of pupils with a statement of special educational needs. A plain text version of the leaflet as well as translated versions are accessible on the EA website at
I have set out, overleaf, some key messages that are important for parents to be aware of when applying for a post-primary place. In whatever way you are able to engage with parents, primary schools can reinforce these messages, in addition to encouraging use of the guidance on completing the online Post-Primary Application.

Promotional Video
A promotional video for parents informing them of the online application process and outlining key messages is available. The video can be viewed with subtitles in six alternative languages and sign language at Where possible, please use your normal communication methods and social media channels to help share the following message:
The application process for P7 children transferring to post-primary school in September 2022 is opening soon. You can apply online via the EA website between 12.00 noon on Tuesday 1 February 2022 and 4 pm on Wednesday 23 February 2022.
Visit this link to view the admissions criteria for all post-primary schools on the EA website as well as a video and guidance on the transfer procedure and making your application.

Tutorial Videos and FAQs
A ‘Post Primary Application Tutorial Video’ providing a step-by-step guide to completing the online application will be made available prior to the application window opening. You will be able to access the videos in the Digital Admissions Resource Hub at
I would ask you to advise parents that these materials will soon be accessible on the parent pages of the EA website together with general guidance which has been updated for 2022 on the admissions process. Updated FAQ documents for parents and primary schools will also be accessible on the website prior to the application window opening.

Key Messages for Principals to communicate when providing advice to parents of P7 pupils
Primary school principals play a key role in providing advice to parents of P7 pupils. In carrying out this role schools should refer to -
• DE Circular 2016/15: (Revised 16 November 2021) The Procedure for Transfer from Primary to PostPrimary Education. Annex 1- Guidance for primary principals on information and advice to parents;
• DE Guidance to Primary School Principals, Post-Primary Schools' Boards of Governors and Principals and the EA on the process of transfer from Primary to Post-Primary School from September 2016; and
• EA communications updates, guidance and videos and presentations that you can access on the EA Digital Admissions Online Resource Hub at
It would be greatly appreciated if the following key messages could be communicated:
 The post-primary application will be accessible at and the application window is open between 12 noon on Tuesday 1 February and 4pm on Wednesday 23 February 2022 and applications are not considered on a first come, first served basis.
 It is recommended that parents use a supported internet browser e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari etc. NB The application will not work on Internet Explorer
 Parents who are awaiting the results of an entrance test may wish to await the outcome before starting an application, however, if desired they could complete the registration process and partially complete their child’s form before receiving results and return to complete before 23 February.
 It is the responsibility of parents to check that all relevant information is included on their child’s application before submitting the form.
 Digital assistance is available via the Admissions Helpdesk 028 9598 5595 in addition to the user guides on our website and the guidance leaflet ‘Applying for a Post-Primary School Place’.
 Using the Recite Me tool on the EA website, parents can translate information and access audio transcripts of admissions criteria and our guidance materials in a range of languages. Parents may watch our subtitled video in six different languages and access translated versions of the P7 leaflet.
 Parents can check if their child would be eligible for transport assistance to a particular school on the EA website.
 Parents have the right to express school preferences but no child can be guaranteed a place at any particular school. More than half of post-primary schools are oversubscribed and not all children who apply will receive a place at an oversubscribed school. To ensure the best chance of getting their child into a post-primary school of their choice, it is strongly recommended that
“To inspire, support and challenge all our Children and Young People to be the best that they can be.”
Education Authority
Ballymena Office 2-6 Ballee Road West, Ballymena BT42 2HS T: 028 9598 5595
E: W:
at least four schools are listed in the order of preference and include at least one non-grammar school. Parents can list as many schools as they wish and in some areas where many of the schools are oversubscribed, it may be wise to list more than four schools. Up to 12 schools can be listed on the online application and if more are needed these may be emailed to EA.
 It is important that parents find out the following information about the schools they are considering. This will help them to assess if their child is likely to be offered a place:-
1. the admissions criteria sets out how the school will decide which children will be selected/not selected if the school is oversubscribed. Parents should think about how well their child meets the criteria. The admissions criteria for all schools can be found on the EA website. If parents have questions about what something in a particular school’s criteria means they can contact the school for clarification.
2. the number of applications the school received in previous years and the number of pupils who were accepted. This information is included with the school's criteria on the EA website to let parents know if the school is usually oversubscribed.